• Doctor Augustus Abremalin

    Doctor Augustus Abremalin

    "Gus" trained under Jung in Vienna. He is a psychologist who thinks very highly of himself and very deeply about insanity.
  • Doctor Thurston Ellery

    Doctor Thurston Ellery

    Specializing in Toxicology and Anesthesiology, Doctor Ellery followed his fascination with anatamy to Cambridge. He is no longer reliant on his nouveau riche family.
  • Gregoria Bronston

    Gregoria Bronston

    Gregoria is an academic recluse at the cutting edge of electromagnetic research.
  • Jacob Finklestein

    Jacob Finklestein

    A photographer and cinematographer, Jacob is obsessed with being the first person to document hard evidence of the paranormal on film
  • Alick Cubitt

    Alick Cubitt

    A veteran pilot in the RAF turned expressionist painter, Alick comes from old money and privilege.
  • Viola Louise Weatherwax

    Viola Louise Weatherwax

    Grand-daughter of E.B. Tylor. Well-connected Oxford antiquarian with a stormy relationship to superstition.