Doctor Thurston Ellery

Specializing in Toxicology and Anesthesiology, Doctor Ellery followed his fascination with anatamy to Cambridge. He is no longer reliant on his nouveau riche family.


Player: Christopher Bennell
Drive: Curiosity
Occupation: Medical Doctor, Private Clinic

Sources of Stability:

  • Louise Lacam, Secretary at my clinic
  • Cyril Fitzroy, Parent’s bulter
  • Monty Hensworth, Medical School Professor / Mentor
    Pillars of Sanity:
  • Value of human life
  • Enjoy short life to its fullest
  • Scientific explanation for everything

Thurston Ellery, son of nouveau riche industrialists Lucien and Elena.

Thurston grew up accustomed to a certain degree of comfort, and wasn’t prepared to lose it. He bridled at the thought of relying on his parents his entire life, and knew he needed an independent source of income. With his parents pulling the strings and footing the bill, it was easy enough to gain admittance to medical school at Cambridge.

His fascination with the inner workings of the human body provided enough of a motivation to allow him to finish his doctorate, with specializations in toxicology and anaesthesiology. However, a close examination of his work would reveal significant academic misconduct. His disdain for the stuffy medical establishment stems from it’s rejection of more esoteric forms of treatment and research.
Now estranged from his parents, he spends his time as a practitioner in a private medical clinic, which pays the bill and allows him to spend time socializing, carousing and indulging in spirits. He is well-liked socially and mostly distrusted by other doctors, but still has some favours to cash in.

Doctor Thurston Ellery

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