Viola Louise Weatherwax

Grand-daughter of E.B. Tylor. Well-connected Oxford antiquarian with a stormy relationship to superstition.


Player: Maegan Reed
Drive: In the Blood
Occupation: Antiquarian
Sources of Stability:
Sister Esme
Brother-in-Law George
Housekeeper Mary
Governess Jane Wilkins
Sir Anthony
Pillars of Sanity:
-Moral Code
-Scientific Progress
-Innate Goodness of Humanity


Viola is a natural (illegitimate) granddaughter of Edward Burnett Tylor, who is famed to have been the first Anthropology professor at the University of Oxford, and donated a large collection of witchcraft and magical artifacts to the Pitt Rivers Museum. He was a proponent of ‘Animism’ and advocated that all natural phenomena had a spirit. She is Oxford educated and well-to-do, and extensive experience but a stormy relationship with superstition and religious artifacts. She is extremely well connected in Oxford, but her personal opinion of magic and the occult is guarded and emotional. When E.B. Tylor visited Central America in 1855-60, he came back to England with an unexpected passenger on the ship’s manifesto named ‘Guabancex’, believed to be his illegitimate daughter from an encounter during his central american travels. He raised Guabancex, who married and legally changed her name in 1895 to ‘Virginia Gail Weatherwax’. E.B. Tylor married in 1858, but never had any legitimate children, and upon his death in 1917 his estate was divided between the Pitt Rivers Museum and his single surviving, but unacknowledged granddaughter; Viola Louise Weatherwax.

Viola Louise Weatherwax

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